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Today, millions of people are buying and selling Rolex watches and other fine timepieces over the internet. It is said that Rolex produces around 650,000 to 800,000 watches annually. Sadly enough, counterfeiters around the world produce 10 times that amount each year, turning what was once a business operated in street vendors into a multi-billion dollar industry

Without knowing what tell-tale signs to look fo the average Rolex consumer may easily fall to scammers. And wh connoisseurs will certainly discern between a Rolex r the existence of larg numb of counterfeits inevitably affects demand at s le

The and most a wa to tell a Rolex fro a replica by checking its S Model#, C ba ID, and Movement Signature (the 4 primar verification methods used by professionals) by looking betw its bott lugs (part the b connects t ca to lugs, and by opening t c respe

Clear Casebacks C If you enco one of th dont bother strapping the on. Often times, a repl will have clear c allowing you to t ins t watch. Rolex do not make watch w cle casebacks!

Engraved Caseback C Ag th exception a ra Ladies model ( 1990s) and the Se model, Rolex does not eng any logo slogans on their casebacks. More they are free of any engravings.

Hologram Stickers C A newly purcha Rolex watch will come with 3-D hologram-encoded stic the caseback. Th Rolex crown trademark is featured a the refer number and c b identified when viewed. Often times, a fake hologram sticker wont ev h the 3-D effect when viewed. It hard, concr patt that chang appearance one bit. If this i evid it i surel a counte Rolex.

Date Magnification C All g Rolex watches excluding th Sea-Dweller feat the cyclops that magnifies the date 2.5x. As you c see in the picture t cy on the counterfeit is significantly smaller a bit misaligned. These common flaws made by counterfeits and you will of them today with a la font date to fool th average consumer.

Triplock C Seal C This pert to the owners f owners of t Sea-Dweller, Sub and the D These thr models feature th Triplock The sho th the genuine Rolex utilizes the extra b th ru o-ring the winding tube wherea the counterfeit comes with n seal Fake Rolex Submariner Watches For Sale at all. Visit or Call Us Today! 888-574-1250.

Today, millions people are buying and Rolex watches and othe fine timepieces th inte It is s that Role prod 650,000 t 800,000 watches annually. Sadly enough, counterfeiters around t world produce 10 time that amount eac turning w b oper in stre vendors into a multi-billion dollar industry

Without what tell-tale signs to look for, the Rolex consumer m easily fall victim t scammer And while conn will certainly d betwe a Rolex and a replica, the exist of large number of counterfeits inevitably affects demand at som level

The b and mo accurat way to tell Role f a replica is by its S Model#, Cas back ID, Movement Signature (the 4 primary verification method used prof looking between its lugs (part where th band connects t top lugs, and opening the case back respectively.

Clear Casebacks C If yo encounter on of these, dont bother stra t on. Oft times, a r w have cle c y t th inside of th watch. Role does not watc with clear caseba

Engraved Case C Again, with the excepti of a ra Ladies m (circ 1990s) and th Sea-Dweller model, Rolex does not engrave any l slogan on their casebacks. Mo they a free of any engravings.

Hologram Stickers C A newly purchased Rolex watc will come w 3-D holog st on the caseback. The Rolex crown tr i feat just abo the case reference number and be easily identified when viewed. Often times, fake hologram sticker wont even have the 3-D effect vi It i simply hard, c pattern that wont change in appearance one bit. If this evident, it is sur counterfeit Rolex.

Date Magnification C All genuine Rolex wat excluding the Sea-Dweller features the cyclops t magnifies the date b 2.5x. As c s in the picture above, the cy the counterfeit is significantly and misaligned. Thes are co flaws made b and you will s many of them today wit a larger font dat to fool t average consumer.

Triplock Crown Seal C This pertains to the owne future of th Sea-Dweller, Submariner, and t Dayt These thr feature t Triploc crown. The image above s that the genu Rolex utilizes the extra seal by the ru o-r th winding tube whereas t count co w no seal at all. It worth mentioning t t b c by cas when purc a pre-owned Rolex, in many orig Rolex parts accessories can be replaced afte part and acce

Micro-etched Crystal C In 2002, R began micro-etching the Rolex Cheap Rolex Watches coron crown r below t 6 oclock Thoug it i better distinguishable using a jewelers loupe, you c s th illustration that th genuine cro is mu more distinguishable and robust a opposed to the counterfeit.

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